Weird Fashion Never Fails


Recently, renowned Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo put on her 2016 Comme des Garcons show in Paris.  For centuries, Paris has been known as one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Kawakubo’s designs made a huge impact in Paris, though not necessarily a good one. Though architecturally beautiful, her garments are very strange, odd and got under a lot of people’s skin!

One piece, for example, seemed to be made of nothing more than fuchsia bags lined with bits of fur.  Another garment was so wide and had so many layers, it was almost as big as the runway.

All pieces made models look as if they were 18th century creatures.  Yet, despite all of this oddity, it’s still fashion.

Kawakubo’s latest collection obviously had many people talking and wondering what served as the inspiration for her designs.  When asked, this acclaimed designer didn’t have a lot to say other than, “18th Century Punk.  The 18th century was a time of change and revolution.  This is how I imagine punks would look like if they had lived in this century.”

Though brief, this description really does help us see where her ideas came from!


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