Wacky Healthy Trends 2.0


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, we found 3 more terrifyingly wacky health trends that are all the rage right now.  Continue reading, if you dare!

Fitness vacations.

If you’re a gym nut, this one might be for you.  Instead of heading somewhere warm with a beach and cocktails, people are heading on ultimate fitness vacations.  There are a number of fitness travel providers, including FitLife Cruise and Anywhere Fit, that give participants the opportunity to take time off to just…workout.  While the idea of returning from vacation fitter and healthier may sound great, experts say people need to be careful.  Physical therapists have seen quite a few injuries from these types of excursions, especially if they’re not ready for such intense exercise.

Bone broth.

12244023_10153862663649714_1058079921_nOne of the latest health trends to make an appearance is bone broth.  To make bone broth poultry, beef, or fish bones are boiled for 4-48 hours until they break down.  While bone broth has some health benefits, like shinier hair and reduced joint pain, experts don’t believe it is any more beneficial than regular broth.


12273109_10153862665859714_1664944367_nTfitness trendcharcoalhe use of charcoal for health benefits appears to be a growing trend in recent months.  People take capsules or drink activated charcoal in the hopes of benefiting from its detoxifying agents.  Though promoted as a hangover or binge-eating cure, there is little evidence that supports these claims


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