Victory for Porsche in Walker Lawsuit


A judge has ruled the man who was driving a Porsche that crashed and killed Paul Walker, a famous actor, is not able to prove the auto manufacture is liable for the accident.

On Monday, the judge, U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez, ruled there isn’t enough evidence to prove driver Roger Rodas died as a result of a safety flaw on the Porsche Carrera GT he was driving.

The lawsuit was filed by his widow, Kristine Rodas, after the tragic death of her husband and his friend, Paul Walker.

In the lawsuit, Rodas claimed the Porsche’s suspension failed as her husband was driving, which she believes resulted in the crash.

The crash that killed both men was devastating for bystanders to watch, as they were unable to assist the passengers because of the intense flames.

Rodas’ attorney has indicated they plan on appealing the judge’s decision as soon as possible.

In a separate lawsuit, Walker’s 16 year old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, also claims the auto manufacturer is responsible for her father’s death.  Her lawsuit states there were defects that kept her dad trapped in the car as it burned.


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