UFOs Causing Panic in Spain


UFOs Causing Panic in Spain

The inhabitants of a Spanish village are wondering if they might be the target of an alien invasion.

A large, strange-looking object has crash landed in the area for the SECOND time in five days, causing the anxious inhabitants to demand answers.

The first object, a huge metal ball, fell on to the fields of a goat farm in the village of Calasparra, an area of Murcia, on November 3rd.

Then on November 8th, a mysterious black cylindrical object weighing about 20 kilos “fell from heaven” in the hamlet of Villavieja, just a stone’s throw from the first site.

The Civil Guard was immediately called in and is diligently guarding the area until investigators arrive. The Mayor of Calasparra, meanwhile, wants the Spanish government to take the matter seriously and give the worried villagers some answers.

When the first crash was discovered on November 3rd, a local farmer reported seeing several fireballs early that morning, so it’s presumed there may be more discoveries to come.

The general theory is that these “UFOs” are actually parts of an old space rocket which are falling to earth. The European Space Agency in Noordwijk had warned “junk” could fall to earth sometime around November 14th. Apparently there are approximately

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