These Actors Should Have Been Fired


These Actors Should Have Been Fired

In show business finding the perfect actor to play a role is not an easy feat.  While, for the most part, casting directors get it right, there have been times where they got it all wrong.

Hulk Hogan in Thunder In Paradise

Thunder In Paradise is an action movie that depicts two ex-Navy SEALs who patrol the world’s waters as high-sea mercenaries.  One of these mercenaries was played by Hulk Hogan.  Arguably one of the worst actors of all time, Hogan didn’t work very hard to make his role believable.  He didn’t even change his look from the wrestling mogul he is known as and mugged for the camera every chance he could get!

Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains

Growing Pains was a hugely popular show in its hay day.  This is, until the show’s main star Kirk Cameron, became a born-again Christian.  During the show’s production, Cameron began alienating and judging many of his co-stars for their sinful ways.  At one point he even got his on-stage girlfriend, Julie McCullough, fired because she wanted to pose for Playboy and he refused to work with her.  Because of Cameron’s sanctimoniousness, the show was cancelled within two seasons of McCullough being let go.

Jamie Dornan of 50 Shades of Grey

One of the reasons 50 Shades was such a terrible film was because its main actor, Jamie Dornan, who played Christian Grey, was completely bland and generic on-screen.  Dornan was supposed to play a psychotic and hypersexual character with rage issues, but he was far from that.  Plain and boring psychopath just did not work for this film.