The Flight Attendant Who Had Enough


A recent video of a flight attendant’s strange exit from an airplane has gone viral.

The video, which was recently posted online, shows a United Airlines flight attendant hastily exiting an aircraft.

She didn’t, however, exit as one might expect.

Instead of leaving the aircraft through the front hatch with the rest of the passengers and crew, the flight attendant deployed the emergency slide, slid down it and walked away.

According to eyewitnesses, there was no apparent emergency aboard the aircraft, nor any situation that would require her to leave so quickly.  Sources at United Airlines have indicated they have no idea why the employee felt the need to deploy the slide.

A spokesperson for United stated, “we hold all of our employees to the highest standard.  The unsafe behaviour is unacceptable.”

The airline has since suspended the flight attended until further notice.

The incident occurred on Monday, just shortly after the plane arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.  The Boeing 737 was carrying 159 passengers, 6 crew members and was arriving from Sacramento, California.

The investigation into the bizarre incident continues.


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