The Fad of Freaky Contact Lenses


The Fad of Freaky Contact Lenses

Outrageous and freaky contact lenses are all the rage right now. Contact lenses actually play an important role in the world of fashion and are readily available as a fashion accessory to anyone seeking an alternative look.
Some contact lenses are quite intense, however, and are designed to draw quite a lot of attention.
Freaky and alternative contact lenses create different looks for different occasions. Some of the most popular lenses are for those wanting a zombie, vampire, or devil appearance. While this sounds like something people would wear for Halloween, these types of contact lenses are worn year-round to create a long-lasting shocking look.

While this trend may seem like a cool way to create an innovative look, fashion contact lenses may actually damage your eyesight.

When choosing contact lenses an eye doctor must measure your eyes to ensure they will properly fit. If lenses are the wrong size this can cause infection, scratches on the cornea, decreased vision and even blindness.
If you’re wanting unique and freaky contact lenses, make sure you speak to an eye doctor first and order from a reputable company. No fashion trend is worth the risk of losing your eyesight!




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