Repurpose Your Rats


Forward fashionistas are always looking to wear the latest new trend.  While some women turn to tops with extensive beading or high heels made of crocodile skin, others are turning to a more rodent-inspired look.

One brave designer has taken fashion to an entirely new level with their latest collection – rat wear.  Made from taxidermied rats, this line of custom fashion accessories has the internet squeaking.

In this fake Chanel line you will find everything you need to accessorize your look, including an elegant rat slip, a stunning rat bra, a delicate rat handkerchief, a gorgeous rat handbag and the perfect high heel rat shoes.

The crowning piece, however, is arguably the delightful rat thong, which is delicately designed with not one, but two rat heads for the ultimate rodent look. Mouse

Who would have guessed that rats could be so alluring and sexy?  These pieces are sure to make any woman look and feel like a million bucks.

Whether you’re looking for a way to re-purpose those pesky rats in your basement, or would like to taxidermy your beloved rat pets, this look is most definitely for you!


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