Oxygen: Your Skin Needs It Too!


Oxygen:  Your Skin Needs It Too!

Recently, the idea of oxygen treatments for the skin has become a popular skincare trend.

You may be wondering how and why oxygen treatments are so popular all of a sudden?

As it turns out, your skin needs oxygen just as much as your lungs do.

Joanna Vargas, who is a celebrity skincare professional, states that “oxygen has proven benefits for the skin.”  She points out that whenever our bodies are in distress, like if your skin is severely burned or you have a brain injury, we use oxygen as treatment.  This is because oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function through being anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen production and is anti-bacterial.

Who knew!?

From these findings, researchers have come up with a variety of skincare services and products infused with the benefits of oxygen.  As a result, people who use these products find they have glowy, dewy and calmer skin.

While you may be thinking my skin gets enough oxygen from the air I breathe, this isn’t the case.   The air we breathe is full of pollution which compromises the quality of the air quite a bit.  In order to thrive, our skin needs fresh and clean air.

Combine this with poor diets, stress and lack of sleep and it’s difficult for skin to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Treat yourself to one of the many products or services that provide your skin with much-needed oxygen and see the benefits for yourself.

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