Newbie to the Gym? Here’s 5 Tips that Might Help


There’s no doubt that anyone considered an inexperienced person who is just starting off with something is considered a newbie. And perhaps you can find more newbies in the gym than anywhere else, simply because of the fact that the world is more fitness obsessed than anything else, trying to get the body they desire, or simply to stay fit. Whether you are joining the gym for the same purpose or some other one, these tips will make sure that you succeed in achieving the fitness goals you want so you can keep progressing to the next level:


1. Start Slow: One of the few reasons that people feel that gym is not the thing for them is after the intense soreness they feel after doing a strenuous workout on the first few days itself. And therein lies the problem. You do not have to be influenced by the tremendous weights that the people in your gym already weigh and strive to get to their level on the first day itself. It took them a while to get to that level too. So starting with something low is the best way to ensure that you progress slowly but surely.


2. Diet Change: Doing the best workout ever, only to end up eating an entire cake and 3 burgers isn’t gonna make a difference to your health, obviously because all of us are aware that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand if you were to achieve fitness goals. It is difficult, but lowering the intensity of the junk food you eat by following the procedure of “two steps forward, one step behind” will be quite effective.

3. Routine: Just doing whatever you like on a particular day will probably never help if you intend to work towards getting a specific body. Lay out a routine plan for your workout, and then stick to it. If you are confused, consulting the gym trainers or your other fitness enthusiast might be able to help.

4. Have an Energy Drink With You: Though this isn’t entirely mandatory, but having an energy drink to sip on and replenish some of your strength during some difficult exercises hasn’t done any harm. Just make sure not to drink too much of it.

5. Don’t be fooled: Ask anyone who knows a lot regarding fitness and body, and they’ll tell you that the marketing done for all the protein based products is just to deceive people. There’s no denying that it won’t be effective; it surely gives you a boost in whatever is that the product claims to do, but nowhere near to the amount that it boasts of. So, consider your protein shakes and other stuff as a supplement that just boosts the main diet that you have which is full of different healthy foods.


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