Miss BumBum Model Attempts Suicide

Fernanda Paulino, a 21 year-old contestant in Brazil’s infamous Miss BumBum beauty pageant, recently attempted suicide after she failed to make the top 15.

Devastated by the news she would not have a chance to win the competition, Paulino took an overdose of prescription drugs in an attempt to end her life.  Luckily, the stunning blonde was found by a friend at her home, just in the nick of time.

Her friend phoned for a taxi and rushed her to a nearby hospital where medical staff was able to pump her stomach.

When interviewed about her ordeal, a sobbing Paulino expressed, “my parents weren’t at home and I was alone.  I lost grip of myself, I was crying a lot.”  Paulino continued by saying it was her dream to win this competition and she didn’t know how to handle the loss.

“I acted on impulse…I want to disappear, to die, and I just did the first thing that came to mind.”

Paulino’s doctors have said her friend got there just in time.

Organizers of the Miss BumBum pageant expressed their condolences and offered support to Paulino and her family during this time.

The Miss BumBum competition is in its 5th year and is a hugely popular event around the country and world.
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