Miley Attacked!


Almost everyone loves animals.  Not only are animals always there for you when you’re feeling down but they also make great cuddling buddies, too!

Even celebrities love pets.  Many of our favorite celebs have a dog or cat they call family.  It’s no secret that pop sensation Miley Cyrus loves pets, too, as she often posts pictures of her beloved animals on her social media sites.

Recently, however, Miley had a run in with one particularly angry feline.  Last Monday, Miley posted on her Instagram account that she’d been attacked by a cat, and quite seriously to boot.

Miley was very angry as she posted a brief account of her ordeal, most of which was full of explicatives we can’t publish!

The pictures of Miley’s encounter, however, give us a good idea of how badly the cat scratched her.  We certainly know how painful cat scratches can be and know how much they must have hurt!

We do wonder, however…what on earth was Miley doing to be scratched so terribly!?

Miley isn’t the only celeb who has been attacked by animals.  Here are a few other notable celeb-animal encounters:

  • Fabio was once attacked by a goose on a roller coaster
  • Ryan Seacrest was nibbled by a shark as he swam in the Pacific Ocean
  • Susan Sarandon was bitten by a dolphin while swimming
  • Steve Irwin was attacked by a stingray and, ultimately, died as a result

While pets make a wonderful addition to your life, remember they are still that – animals!


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