Is Adele a Recluse?


Is Adele a Recluse?

There has been speculation recently that Grammy winner and performer Adele is a recluse.

24 year old Adele, who is also a songwriter, has some very peculiar ways of dealing with her fame, leading people to believe she became a recluse during a long hiatus from her career.

During her time off, the “Rolling in the Deep” and “Skyfall” singer was rarely seen in public.  Though the superstar was adamant she still did all of the normal things people do, like going to the park or out shopping, she does admit she avoids social events.  The reason?  She doesn’t want to overshadow her friends.

“I miss my friends…it makes you lonely,” she continues.  “Like, maybe me and my friends are going out to celebrate someone’s engagement…it’s not about anyone meeting me.  But that’s what it becomes.  So sometimes it’s easier not to go.”

Adele is so reclusive, in fact, that even her neighbours in Britain don’t believe she lives there!

In addition to this, Adele refuses to reveal the name of her now three month old son and will not be seen in public with her fiancé, Simon Konecki.  This alone is leading people to wonder if their relationship is on the rocks.

Even with all of this, Adele has made a comeback with her smashing new album, 21, that features her megahit, Hello.






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