How to Find the Right Fitness Center For You

BEWARE of “The FREE Trial” gym or class pass some gyms advertise. This is a ploy to get you in the door because they don’t want to advertise their high monthly rates.

By Brenda W.

Joining a fitness center for the first (or fifteenth) time can be overwhelming. When you walk in, you’re overpowered with feelings that range from “I don’t have a place here” and “I have no clue where to begin”…

Even the most experienced exerciser can feel like an outsider.

Regardless of feeling uneasy there’s no better time to bounce on the wellness trend. Physical fitness and wellness are at an unsurpassed high in popularity, and for the third successive year, add up to fitness club visits have surpassed 5 billion, up 25 percent since 2009.

But despite the fact that getting fit is the in thing to do, a disturbing 28 percent of the American populace is still totally inactive.

There are five important components to remember when choosing what fitness center to join. They are:

  • Is it convenient to get to or have multiple locations?
  • Does the fitness center meet your goals?
  • Is the staff qualified and friendly?
  • Does the fitness center have classes? Yoga, body pump, dance cardio, Zumba, etc.
  • Does the fitness center have a child care center or club?

Finding the right fitness center for you with cardio, classes, weights, mentors and machines can be difficult at an affordable rate, here are great options in North Fort Worth where they offer all of the above at a very low rate—with a touch of fun.  Get in, get a decent workout, and get on with your day.

You will begin to put yourself on a path to fitness and wellbeing.


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