Hi-Tech Fashion – “Smart” Clothing that Speaks!



Hi-Tech Fashion – “Smart” Clothing that Speaks!


The Fitbit and the Apple Watch are old news. Welcome to the coolest new hi-tech fashion clothes which can tell you almost anything you need to know.

Electronics are now being seamlessly integrated into the fibers and fabrics of our clothing. Gathering and sending information about your body is just the tip of the iceberg – check out these new garments:

Navigate Jacket

The Navigate Jacket will help you find your way – it tells you whether to turn left or right using subtle vibrations. So far the data is only available for Paris, New York and Sydney.


If you want the world to know how stressed you are, this is the dress for you. The adrenalin dress of 3-D printed carbon fiber and neoprene has wings that expand as your adrenalin level rises.

Smoke Dress

If you don’t like people invading your personal space you’ll enjoy wearing the Smoke Dress which will release smoke whenever someone enters your personal space. What better way to tell someone to back off!

According to the experts, smart apparel is expected to become mainstream in the not-too-distant future.

Shopping for a new pair of jeans will never be the same again…


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