Freaky Fashion in Japan


Freaky Fashion in Japan

When people want to find out what the latest fashion trends are, they typically turn to fashion designers for inspiration.  As we all know, fashion designers set the stage for many fashion trends that we wear.

When thinking about fashion it’s hard to ignore the fact Japan has developed an awesome reputation as a fashion design trendsetter.  At the same time, however, Japan has also come up with some pretty bizarre fashion ideas, too.  Since the fashion industry is so competitive, designers are always trying to come up with new and shocking trends.  Whether or not you would wear them is totally up to you!


Ganguro is a street fashion in Japan that encourages girls to totally change their appearance to resemble that of an ‘80’s Caucasian pop star.  Girls dye their hair blonde or other colors, tan their bodies, and apply light colored makeup to their faces.  They also wear bright colored outfits and wear a ton of jewelry.


Ballet Boots

While some of us prefer to wear comfortable shoes, certain trends incorporate styles that are far from wearable.  A new trend hitting Japan is the idea of pointed ballet shoes with stilettos as boots.  We imagine walking in these must be quite the feat, and may actually be downright torturous!


Dolly Look

A trend that has been gaining strength for a number of years is the doll look.  Girls love dressing in adult-sized doll clothing and dying their hair in child-like colors such as pink and purple.  These outfits aren’t just for Halloween, though.  You will see this style as commonplace in the streets of Japan!


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