Energy Rich Foods to Kick Start Your Day With


As the obesity rates have skyrocketed in the past couple of years, a lot of people are quite persistent in removing that belly fat and get fit (and ripped) by going to the gym and exercising. And while it’s a good step that you have taken if you visit the gym everyday as well, you should also have an appropriate diet that’s filled with energy-rich foods in order to keep up with the intensity of your workout later during the day. With that in mind, here are some of the energy rich foods that you can kick-start your day with:

1. Celery: Even though starting an energy-rich foods list with celery might not be the wisest course of action, it still is undoubtedly one of the most energy-rich vegetable that will help you a lot, only at the expense of its okay-ish taste, which can also be considered null after you’ve incorporated it into a tasty salad, made a soup with it, or even just dipped it in peanut butter and munched on it as a snack. It has a lot of water content, a good amount of fiber and also a bit of protein to help you with energy that will last for hours.



2. Herbal Teas: Instead of having your regular tea or coffee to kick start your day, a cup of herbal tea might be more beneficial for you. Due to the ingredients in herbal tea just being hot water and essentially a couple of spices/herbs, your body will not only benefit from it, but also easily digest it since it entered your body in the form of a liquid. Green tea is the most recommended among the lot, but you can also go for something like ginger tea if you don’t have green tea bags lying around.

Herbal Tea

3. Strawberries: For someone who loves fruits and needs energy, there should be just so many choices such as bananas or pineapples or oranges but we chose strawberries simply because there is a higher percentage of overall people who prefer having and enjoying strawberries. This tasty fruit not only gives you a lot of energy, but is versatile too, and can be added into many dishes or even milkshakes to enjoy its benefits along with some other healthy ingredients. If you are aiming on sweetening it up a bit by adding sugar, just remember to keep the quantity minimum in order to avoid a sugar crash.




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