Drunk Booted from McDonald’s Calls 911


After a long night of drinking, sometimes all you want is a nice juicy burger from McDonald’s.

A woman in the UK recently came up with a brilliant plan to hit her favorite fast food restaurant after drinking the night away at a local nightclub in Leeds.

Upon entering the restaurant, however, the McDonald’s staff stopped the inebriated woman from purchasing food once they realized she was incredibly drunk.  They then told her to leave the premises.

Angry (and still hungry), the woman decided to take the matter to the police.  She hastily dialled 999 and informed the dispatcher that, “I went to McDonald’s and they said I was too drunk to go in I’d had two drinks, I’d like a police officer please.”

The dispatcher was obviously unimpressed with the woman’s abuse of the emergency reporting system.  They informed the woman they would not be addressing the situation as it was not a police matter.

Tom Donohoe of West Yorkshire Police Contact Centre, found the situation incredulous.  “If someone is blocking our lines with non-emergency matters…they are potentially slowing down our response time to genuine emergencies,” he said.

Regardless of whether she was right or wrong, we still wonder if she found another place to eat that night.


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