Sunday, October 20, 2019


BEWARE of “The FREE Trial” gym or class pass some gyms advertise. This is a ploy to get you in the door because they don’t want to advertise their high monthly rates.

By Brenda W.

It is that time of the year again when people begin looking to join a gym so they can get fit and lose the weight for the months ahead.

As a retired fitness consultant/membership sales executive for over 30 years, I am here to reveal some industry secrets… I can tell you that you have made the right choice so far! Weight loss and fitness can only be achieved thru good eating habits and exercise–I don’t care what that infomercial and the gadget gurus tell you.

BUT, here are the most common mistakes that YOU need to AVOID when joining a gym:

  1. Make sure that your gym is convenient and easy to get to.  Some gyms are tucked in the back of shopping areas or malls and are very hard to access SO you will end up not using your membership and wasting your hard earned money.
  2. DON’T Fall for the BIG BOX GYMS.  Let’s be honest, all gyms whether big or small will have machine weights, free weights, and cardio machines, but many gyms will begin to nickel and dime you when you want to add child care and group exercise classes or other amenities to your membership. The best options for your wallet will be to find a gym that offers everything for one low rate.
  3. Make Fitness a Lifestyle & Save Big. Fitness is a journey NOT a destination, it must be continued for the rest of your life. So don’t be afraid to commit to a 24 – 36-month membership agreement and in return the fitness center will give you a great deal on your monthly rate. Don’t worry if you move, reputable gyms have a 30 notice moving clause with a proof of move.
  4. The Last And Final & Most Important Point is DON’T FALL FOR “The 30 Day FREE Trial Membership” or any other TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Memberships some gyms offer. That’s what’s called in the fitness industry “THE ULTIMATE MOUSETRAP.” This is a ploy to get you in the door for “Pressure selling” because they don’t want to advertise their high monthly rates and when you come in they will pressure you for upgrades.

Here Are The Best Gyms For Your Wallet In 2018:

  1. Fitness 2000-Open & Staffed 24 Hours.  Fitness 2000 has 4 locations (only 3 miles apart) and if you are lucky to live near one, they offer $0 joining fee and monthly dues at only $8.88/month plus tax, that includes fitness, FAT Burning Group Exercise and child care for the one low rate.  Best of all, you can use all 4 locations for no additional charge, that’s like having 4 gym memberships for only $8.88 per month.   I have to warn you, specials like these don’t come every day.  If you are in the market for a gym membership in these areas, don’t hesitate to take action. Check them out Here.
  2. Town Fitness in Chicago, IL offers fitness, group exercise and child care with everything included for $39 joining fee and $9/month. Join By phone 312-550-1063
  3. Roswell Fitness in Roswell, New Mexico.  $29 joining fee and $10/month includes group classes and child care. Join by phone (575) 755-3310


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