Coloring for Meditation


Coloring for Meditation

One of the fastest growing trends right now is the idea of coloring books for adults.  Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and can be found in many stores around the country.

Filled with different patterns, cityscapes, animals or floral designs, adult coloring books are designed with a specific purpose:  mindful meditation.

Mindful meditation is a new trend itself, and requires you to clear your mind of any external worries.  This form of meditation helps to calm the mind and reduce nervous energy.

So how do coloring books fit into this?

Researchers know that art therapy provides a host of benefits to you as it is highly effective in minimizing stress levels.  Coloring is no different.  Since the act of coloring requires little to no thought and requires a lot of repetition, many people find coloring to be a very soothing activity.

Working on a coloring page is a great way to pass the time, too, and is a perfect complement to watching TV or listening to music.

Head to your local book or craft store and experience the health benefits of coloring for yourself!


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