Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


It goes without saying that coffee is the major beverage that everyone enjoys and needs to have their energy. Be it lattes, espressos, mocha, or whatever else, the prime ingredient, which are the coffee beans is what provides you with energy. But besides providing you with energy, it also provides you with a lot of benefits, and at the same time brings it own share of drawbacks and trade-offs as well. Let’s take a look at some of them:



1. Energy: This is the most undisputed benefit of coffee and also the main reason why everyone has a cup in the first place. Full of caffeine, coffee gives a lot of energy to go through the day, and maybe even more than that.

2. Heart Benefits: A few studies carried out in different countries have suggested and came to the same conclusion that coffee, when consumed in limit (2 cups being the maximum here) can actually protect you from heart failure.

3. Liver Cancer: A study in conducted in Italy, confirms that drinking 2 cups of coffee (which is once again the recommended amount of coffee that you should have everyday), actually reduced the risk of liver cancer in many study subjects by a massive 40%, thus making it equally beneficial for your liver health.


1. Insomnia: If consumed at irregular times or too frequently, coffee can result in insomnia, which makes you more tired at the day and hence be unable to focus at your work.

2. Toxicity: People with an addiction towards coffee should be especially aware of this. Even though it is a well known fact that chain smokers face a lot of problems due to their addiction, it has never been mentioned that the same, and maybe even worse can happen to those with coffee addiction. Since coffee contains caffeine which is only beneficial in a limited amount, going anywhere beyond the limit would do more harm than good. At higher rates, the toxicity of caffeine is enough to take your life as well.

3. Restlessness: Once again, the same caffeine that was beneficial for you can also be lethal in large amounts, causing restlessness and thus affecting whatever tasks you aim to complete. You must also be careful to stay well within the limits of the maximum amount of coffee a person should drink since it varies from person to person and is actually written in our DNA. Thus, while your friend maybe able to tolerate 400 milligrams of caffeine, you might not.


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