Celebrity Habits that Will Leave You Scratching Your Head


Celebrity Habits that Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Everyone in the world has their own little quirks and strange habits.  Celebrities, though they sometime seem as if they’re godly, have weird ones too.  Just take a look for yourself!

  1. Teri Hatcher. Teri believes red wine has magical, age-defying properties.  As such, she regularly takes red wine baths to stay youthful-looking.


  1. Sandra Bullock. Sandra also has a little beauty secret of her own:  hemmeroid cream.  Bullock believes applying this to her face helps keep her skin glowing and beautiful.


  1. Cameron Diaz. Cameron has a little bit of OCD and, in order to minimize her contact with germs, opens every door with her elbows.


  1. Simon Cowell. Simon has always been a bit of an odd duck and one of his daily rituals helps to confirm this idea.  Every day, Simon makes sure he climbs a tree in order to connect with his childhood.


  1. Demi Moore. Demi always wants to feel her best.  In order to help detoxify she regularly applies leeches to suck her blood.


  1. Katy Perry. Katy is terrified of getting cavities.  To help ensure she remains cavity-free, Katy brushes her teeth 6 times a day.


  1. Steve Jobs. When Steve was alive he preferred to eat the same foods every day.  One of his favorite things to eat was carrots.  He ate so many of them his skin began to turn orange.



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