Calisthenics: What is it all About?


One of the most common things present in this generation is to attribute the word ‘fitness’ to only something like ‘gym’, or ‘running’ or in very rare cases, ‘yoga’. However what most people don’t realize is that fitness isn’t just about lifting heavy weights, running for hours on a treadmill, or keeping track of your weight. The other factors such as your flexibility, your body balance and your coordination is what matters too. Although some of the exercises which you would normally do in a gym do train you, but the change is minimal at best. However, to really amp up your stats regarding the same, there is a form of workout known as calisthenics, which surprisingly does a very good job at improving your coordination and body balance without the need of any special equipment, and not even weights for that matter.


Even though most people would call it jumping, bending and swinging, calisthenics actually does it but increases your coordination through doing these actions in a rhythmic motion, thus increasing your coordination but at the same time letting you have some fun. Since you must only make use of your body weight for such movements, it’s also extremely effective in increasing your body resistance. These days, Calisthenics is mostly employed in pre-primary schools on kids so that they can gain from the bonuses of these exercises, but it’s also being used for quite some time in the military as an attempt to increase discipline and coordination among the group.

Calisthenics has also been dubbed into a growing sport known as ‘street workout’ in which a group of people who are quite advanced in their flexibility and coordination are supposed to show their skills in front of a Judge who would then decide the winner based on who impressed them the most with their skill.

By now, it’s no doubt that the gym enthusiasts would look at Calisthenics like a foreign workout and something they would actually have to begin from the bottom to get a hold of, but it actually has a lot of exercises that are exactly similar to those you would do on a gym. Some great examples would be crunches, squats, calf raises, sit-ups and so on. The only reason that the other exercises aren’t included in this form of a workout is because it concentrates more on your flexibility, coordination and balancing skills. So, if you aim to do something different, or don’t have the gym equipment to start your regular workout, indulging into Calisthenics isn’t a bad idea at all.


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