5 Simple Tips for a Bikini Body


Summer is here and it’s time to have fun in the sun! This is the season to explore new places and cool it off on the beach or at the pool. And if you are worried about sporting that bikini, a few simple changes in your diet and exercise plan can work wonders for your figure. Following one simple rule can help you to get ready to flaunt that beach body in a bikini. Going hungry will not help you lose those extra calories but a healthy diet and regular total body workout can make a big difference.

1. Tweak your diet

Your body is what you eat. Slight changes in your diet will go a long way in making sure your body is both bikini-ready as well as healthy from the inside. Remove processed foods and carbonated drinks from your diet. Include more fiber-rich foods such as fruits, cereals and lentils. Also include more protein than carbs in your diet and eliminate sugar. You’ll be surprised how quickly the scales move, in your favor.

2. Pick a workout you actually like

There are different types of exercise programs to get your body in shape like Zumba, Les Mills BodyPump, and U-Jam. Pick a workout you love doing and it won’t be a drag to exercise. A total body workout will help you increase your endurance as well as strengthen your core muscles.

3. Drink more water

Many celebs always mention how drinking water is the secret to their fab body. This zero-calorie drink is simply the best and works wonders. Drink water to flush out toxins and to remain hydrated during the summer. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water in a day to maintain body fluid balance. A simple trick is to drink water before eating as it will make you feel full and you may eat less food. What’s more, water is excellent for keeping your skin looking youthful.

4. Prevent bloating

Bloating is retention of water or gas in the mid-section of the body. This is a nuisance when you want to wear your favorite bikini. You can beat bloating by drinking water with fresh lemon juice, peppermint tea and eating yogurt. Adding rosemary to you tea will also help in preventing bloating and adding. Parsley is an excellent remedy for gas.

5. Choose the right bikini

You should choose a swimsuit according to your body type to highlight your best feature. Ladies with hourglass figure can select a swimsuit to emphasize their waistline. If you have a pear-shaped body, you can select one-shouldered swimsuit as it will emphasize your collarbone. If you have an apple-shaped body, highlight the bottom half of the body.



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