5 Freaky Beauty Trends


5 Freaky Beauty Trends

It’s no secret the fashion industry can be a pretty scary place sometimes.  Recently, 5 bizarre beauty trends have popped up that, to some, may seem quite shocking.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. This slightly disturbing trend comes from Japan and is the term used for people who have a veneer glued onto their teeth that makes their canines protrude outwards.  What is up with that?


  1. Stiletto Surgery. If you want your feet to perfectly fit into your stiletto shoes, there’s a surgery for that!  Shave off part of your toe and heel and you’re ready to go.


  1. Eyeball jewelry. Have a penchant for jewelry?  Why not wear it in your eye!  Special jewelry can be implanted under the outer coating of your eyeball to give you this new, trendy look.


  1. Armpit Hair Dye. We all know the au-naturel look is coming back into style but some women have taken it to a whole new level with dyed armpit hair.  This might be the new, hottest way to accessorize.  Will your armpits match your purse or your shirt?


  1. Pointy Ears. If you love Star Trek or Lord of the Rings, this one could be for you.  Plastic surgeons have been performing a large number of surgeries that turn your ears into pointed tips resembling Spock or elves.  Did you hear that?  Sounds great!


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