4 Effective and Natural Alternatives to Makeup You’ll Definitely Like


Makeup is undoubtedly the most used product among women, since you can practically find all sorts of eye liners, foundations, and other products on their dressing table. However, even though makeups are no doubt in concealing the flaws and making you look very attractive, is it worth the load of harmful chemicals that are also deployed in your face as a result? We guess not, which is why you should check these excellent and natural alternatives to your everyday makeup in order to look good but also stay healthy in the process:

Alternative to Makeup

1. Garlic and Sandalwood: Garlic, being rich in antioxidants, is definitely a viable choice if you are looking for a herbal alternative to your acne solution. Antioxidants are responsible for purification of blood, and thus will definitely help you in maintaining a pimple-free skin without compromising on your health. Sandalwood does a good job too but is only recommended if you somehow don’t have garlic at your home (which would be very rare, since who doesn’t keep garlic at their home for cooking?).

2. Henna: Hair dyes are also notorious for including lots and lots of chemicals such as ammonia that degrade the condition of your hair over time. Henna is a natural product that wouldn’t be so effective that it looks instant, but it still better than those products that are linked to cancer. You can mix it with many other ingredients such as curry leaves and sesame oil to make it more effective.

3. Coconut oil: The advantage of using coconut oil is that it doubles as a body lotion as well as an anti-dandruff agent for the hair. It doesn’t stop there; besides being natural, coconut oil also packs lots of advantages when using it such as having vitamin E and antioxidants. Plus, it’s very versatile as well, because you can easily mix it with other beneficial oils such as lavender oil to multiply its positive effects without any noticeable drawbacks.

4. Turmeric and Fruits: Face packs are extensively used because of their effectiveness in bringing a radiant glow to your skin and cleansing it of any dirt, oil and other things that plague your beautiful look. However, contrary to what other companies claim their products to be ‘natural’, the only way to actually have a natural face pack is to use the products without any processing in between, which you can easily do by having a face pack out of fruits and turmeric. It will actually also be better for your skin in the long run.


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